GiveWell researches and shares organizations that have the greatest impact with the money donated. You can choose the charity you would like to donate to and they do the rest. They also don't take a fee and are entirely non-profit. They are also extremely transparent about their research and criteria that they follow to find reliable charities.

A nonprofit organization that uses donations to help provide relief for various emergencies. GiveDirectly has over 10 years of experience and has run disaster relief programs for both Hurricane Harvey and Maria. They've also helped deliver over $150 million in donations across the 6 countries in which they operate. Project 100, a Covid-19 initiative by GiveDirectly targets families in need in America and aims to help them get through the pandemic.

Food Banks Canada uses donations to provide food to those in need. They maintain contact with a network of Food Banks across Canada to recieve donations and provide for the ones deeply affected by the pandemic.

A broad spectrum charity that is currently help fight the battle against the COVID-19 in Canada. They maintain a list of charities you could donate to directly too.

The World Health Organization Solidarity Response Fund is an international effort to combat the drastic effects of the COVID-19. They provide funding to various organizations worldwide in an effort to prevent the spread of the disease while simultaneously improving the magnitude and efficiency of testing and providing an immediate response to adverse situations.

An international charity that helps provide medical care to places that don't have access to any. They currently have medical projects that operate in over 70 countries worldwide.

The Coronavirus Relief Fund by Global Giving aims towards raising $10 million with the intention of using the money to fund medical professionals, provide much needed medical gear and equipment, and support families and older individuals deeply affected by the virus.